Bannon to meet Orban?

Donald Trump’s former advisor, Steve Bannon is touring Europe these days, and he might even pay a visit to Hungary. Continue reading “Bannon to meet Orban?”


American Congress delegation in Budapest

Hungary and the United States have a vested interest in developing bilateral relations along common values and promoting a better understanding between the two countries, Parliamentary Speaker Laszlo Kover said after talks with a US Congress delegation in Budapest on Friday. Continue reading “American Congress delegation in Budapest”

Can Orban be banned from the US?

It will be decided until September whether Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his environment can be banned from entering the United States, Hungarian site Független Hírügynökség (Independent News Agency) writes. Continue reading “Can Orban be banned from the US?”


Trump to nominate NY businessman Cornstein as US ambassador to Hungary

President Donald Trump will nominate New York businessman David B. Cornstein as the next US Ambassador to Hungary, the White House has announced. Continue reading “Trump to nominate NY businessman Cornstein as US ambassador to Hungary”


Minister Balog meets Tillerson

Relations between the United States and Hungary are heading in the right direction, Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog quoted US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as saying after a brief exchange with him at a prayer breakfast in Washington, DC on Thursday. Continue reading “Minister Balog meets Tillerson”


Tom Lantos statue unveiled in Budapest

A statue of Hungarian-born former US Congressman Tom Lantos was unveiled in central Budapest near his school on Thursday, marking the day of his birth. Continue reading “Tom Lantos statue unveiled in Budapest”


Szijjarto discusses Ukraine’s education law with Klimkin and Mitchell

Ukraine’s contested new education law will be in the focus of an extraordinary trilateral meeting on Wednesday between Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin and US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell. Continue reading “Szijjarto discusses Ukraine’s education law with Klimkin and Mitchell”