Most Hungarians pro-EU – poll

According to a recent poll conducted by the Policy Agenda institute the majority of Hungarians think that the country can be economically successful only in the European Union. Continue reading “Most Hungarians pro-EU – poll”


Fidesz leads, Jobbik can get left-wing votes – poll

The status quo in Hungarian politics hasn’t changed much according to the IDEA Institute’s recent poll. The strongest opposition party is seen as the biggest challenger of the ruling Fidesz party, they can even gain support from left-wing voters. Continue reading “Fidesz leads, Jobbik can get left-wing votes – poll”

No major changes in party preferences

Support for the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance has slightly weakened compared to December, but they are still confidently leading, according to a recent poll by the Iranytu Institute for daily Magyar Nemzet. Continue reading “No major changes in party preferences”


Hungarians deluded about Soros

Two-thirds of Hungarian voters think that George Soros’s Party (SGYP) is an actual, existing party which runs in the parliamentary elections in April, a recent poll conducted by the Policy Agenda institute for shows. Only every fourth voter knows that no such party exists. Continue reading “Hungarians deluded about Soros”


Half of Central Europeans dissatisfied with Brussels

According to a poll conducted by the Nezopont Institute in ten Central Eastern European countries (including Hungary), 49% of Central Europeans were dissatisfied with the European Union’s leadership.

Continue reading “Half of Central Europeans dissatisfied with Brussels”


Fidesz popularity steadily growing – poll

The Fidesz-Christian Democrat (Fidesz-KDNP) alliance has seen its support steadily grow, and by the end of last year the ruling parties had 36 percent support of the electorate and 52 percent of decided voters, according to a poll by Szazadveg published on Thursday. Continue reading “Fidesz popularity steadily growing – poll”


Stable Fidesz lead, stronger Jobbik – poll

The ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance maintained its stable lead, and the strongest opposition party, Jobbik has gained a bit more support, according to a recent poll by the IDEA Institute. Continue reading “Stable Fidesz lead, stronger Jobbik – poll”