Vona: We can replace Fidesz

Jobbik wants to deal with real problems by wiping out corruption, restoring democracy, boosting wages and ensuring the country’s security, Gabor Vona, the radical nationalist party’s leader said on Thursday. Continue reading “Vona: We can replace Fidesz”


We can protect our borders – govt spokesman

Just as it has in the past couple of years, the Hungarian government will continue to do everything in its power to close all loopholes open to illegal migrants and those organising and promoting illegal migration, the government spokesman said in Brussels on Monday. Continue reading “We can protect our borders – govt spokesman”

EP attempts to put pressure on Hungary – Fidesz MEP

The European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control (CONT) has recommended further investigations of financial matters in Hungary, which appears to form a part of efforts to put ever greater pressure on the country in connection with the government’s stance on migration, Tamas Deutsch, an MEP representing the ruling Fidesz party, told journalists after a meeting of the committee. Continue reading “EP attempts to put pressure on Hungary – Fidesz MEP”


Gyurcsany calls Fidesz govt “immoral mafia”

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the leader of the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), on Saturday called the government an “immoral mafia” which has “ruined the reputation of the country and shattered its dreams”. Continue reading “Gyurcsany calls Fidesz govt “immoral mafia””


Karacsony wants to reform Hungarian society

The prime minister candidate of the opposition Socialist and Parbeszed parties, Gergely Karacsony, has said he wants to steer Hungary away from “the politics of hatred and division” towards a western, just and knowledge-based society. Continue reading “Karacsony wants to reform Hungarian society”


Orban: Migration going global

Europe “needs to go back to the drawing board” because it has failed to achieve its goals, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a panel discussion with his Visegrad Group counterparts in Budapest on Friday.

Continue reading “Orban: Migration going global”


Orban goes Vienna

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is scheduled to meet Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s new federal chancellor, on January 30, Orban’s press chief told MTI on Thursday. Continue reading “Orban goes Vienna”