Szijjarto repeatedly warns Ukraine

Hungary will “gladly re-adopt its pro-Ukraine position if Kiev ensures legal guarantees that Ukraine will make substantive changes to its education law and postpone its enactment until 2023,” Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister, told reporters on Monday. Continue reading “Szijjarto repeatedly warns Ukraine”


Govt condemns vandalisation in Transcarpathia

The Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto have firmly condemned the vandalisation of cars with Hungarian number plates in Transcarpathia’s Berehove (Beregszasz), on Friday. Continue reading “Govt condemns vandalisation in Transcarpathia”

Hungarian politicians fined in Romania

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has called on Romanian authorities not to penalise Hungarians for commemorating their national holiday. Continue reading “Hungarian politicians fined in Romania”


Szijjarto: We must stop migration instead of organising it

The international community should focus its efforts not on organising or encouraging migration, but rather on stopping it, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in New York on Monday. Continue reading “Szijjarto: We must stop migration instead of organising it”


Hungary to present proposal to UN on migration package

Hungary will present a twelve-point proposal to the United Nations concerning its draft package on migration in New York on Monday, the foreign minister told MTI. Continue reading “Hungary to present proposal to UN on migration package”


Szijjarto’s message to Romania and Ukraine

Hungary seeks to build “civilised” ties based on “mutual respect” with Romania, but such moves as Romania’s recent banning an official of the Szekler National Council (SZNT), a Hungarian citizen, from that country “won’t help the process”, the Hungarian foreign minister told reporters on Saturday. Continue reading “Szijjarto’s message to Romania and Ukraine”


Szijjarto urges Ukraine to guarantee security

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto called on the Ukrainian authorities to guarantee the safety of ethnic Hungarians living in the country, in talks with Laszlo Brenzovics, head of the Hungarian Cultural Federation in Transcarpathia (KMKSZ), in Budapest on Thursday. Continue reading “Szijjarto urges Ukraine to guarantee security”