“Soros NGOs support a terrorist”

Government politicians accused Soros-funded NGOs of supporting Ahmed H, convicted under terrorism charges. Continue reading ““Soros NGOs support a terrorist””


“Time is running out for the pro-migration lobby”

Pro-migration liberals are afraid that the distribution of power within the European Union will shift following the 2019 European Parliament (EP) elections, so they will be trying to push through the Soros Plan and introduce the mandatory and permanent quota mechanism for the distribution of migrants within the upcoming period”, Deputy Justice Minister Pal Völner told Hungarian daily Magyar Idok. Continue reading ““Time is running out for the pro-migration lobby””

“Brussels follows the Soros-plan”

According to the Ministry of Justice’s Parliamentary State Secretary, Brussels is progressing according to the “Soros Plan”, despite the fact that the dispute concerning the mandatory resettlement quotas included in the billionaire’s vision “will soon become redundant” since the resolution’s scope of effect will expire on Tuesday. Continue reading ““Brussels follows the Soros-plan””