Jobbik MP: Orban getting closer to FPÖ

It seems that the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party “has started to build a strategic partnership, especially after Viktor Orban’s visit to Vienna in January”, Jobbik lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi told Austrian news agency APA. Continue reading “Jobbik MP: Orban getting closer to FPÖ”


“Fidesz and Jobbik switched places”

Marton Gyongyosi, Jobbik’s politician responsible for foreign policy gave an interview to right-wing conservative daily Magyar Nemzet. The strongest opposition party’s lawmaker thinks that internationally Jobbik’s more and more seen as the party of common sense, while Fidesz moved to the extreme right. Continue reading ““Fidesz and Jobbik switched places””

Szijjarto on Jerusalem: We don’t align our policy with third parties

Hungary has its own clear standpoint on the Middle East and the government does not adjust its foreign policy to that of other actors on the international stage, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday in connection with the status of Jerusalem. Continue reading “Szijjarto on Jerusalem: We don’t align our policy with third parties”


Is Hungary moving its embassy to Jerusalem?

The Hungarian government hasn’t confirmed various press information regarding its decision to follow the USA’s example and move its embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Continue reading “Is Hungary moving its embassy to Jerusalem?”


“Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot”

Desperate and brutal election campaign is expected in Hungary. The biggest opposition party Jobbik accuses the government of influencing the State Audit Office’s investigation, what would fine the party 662 million forints, making it uncertain whether the party can run in the elections at all. Other opposition parties consider the investigation’s result as part of dismantling democracy, and suspect the government is behind it. Continue reading ““Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot””


International conference about the wage union in the European Parliament

At a wage union conference entitled “Equal pay for equal work” economists, academics, experts, MEPs and trade union leaders discussed the wage gaps in the European Union, problems of competitiveness, pros and cons of workforce mobility and the demographic crisis’s impact on the job market. Continue reading “International conference about the wage union in the European Parliament”


Famous economist fights EU brain drain

A senior fellow at Oxford University, Hungarian economist Peter Rona established a gourmet cheese factory in the Hungarian village of Kisasszond. His factory, which employs 12 families, has proven a roaring success and won international awards for its soft and smoked cheeses. But according a recent article by The Telegraph, Rona has a major problem: his skilled cheese makers keep leaving Hungary to find more … Continue reading Famous economist fights EU brain drain