Here are the first measures of the new government

Hungary needs a feisty, responsible government that unites the country while showing the necessary strength, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Parliament on Tuesday. Speaking ahead of the oath-taking ceremony of his fifth government, Orban said the new cabinet’s tasks are outlined by “dangers and especially the war”. The government will have to preserve and strengthen the physical, material and cultural security of Hungary and … Continue reading Here are the first measures of the new government

Orban to form new government

President Janos Ader has asked Viktor Orban, the incumbent prime minister and leader of the election-winning Fidesz party, to set up Hungary’s next government. Orban was nominated for the post by the Fidesz-Christian Democrat party alliance. Ader confirmed that Orban had accepted his request and added he would make a formal proposal to parliament on Monday. Ader said the recent election was “the first of … Continue reading Orban to form new government

New parliament to meet on May 2

President Janos Ader has convened the inaugural session of Hungary’s new parliament for May 2, the president’s office said. Under Hungary’s constitution, the inaugural session of the new parliament must be held no later than 30 days after the parliamentary elections. The session will be opened by the president who will put forward a nomination for the country’s next prime minister, to be elected with … Continue reading New parliament to meet on May 2

Orban: Best result of all time scored

On Wednesday, prime minister Viktor Orban described the Sunday election result as the best of all time, stressing that the government parties continue to believe in the nation state, and envisage the future of Hungary within the EU and NATO. At an international press conference held at the Carmelite Monastery, the prime minister also told members of the press in connection with the war between … Continue reading Orban: Best result of all time scored

Orban wins big in Hungary

With 98,96% of the votes counted, the Fidesz-KDNP alliance won 54,01% with their national list as against 34,35% for the united opposition, while Mi Hazank secured 6.06% at the Hungarian parliamentary elections on Sunday. This means that Viktor Orban’s party has won its fourth two-thirds majority and will have 135 mandates in the parliament, the united opposition 56, Mi Hazank 7 and the German minority … Continue reading Orban wins big in Hungary

Orban holds state of the nation speech

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in a keynote speech on Saturday kicking off the official election period in Hungary, said the government had remained united and composed during the pandemic, and not for a single moment had the country’s capacities been endangered. He accused the left wing of adopting “a new political strategy” which involved “insulting people, making fun of people with disabilities, marching into the … Continue reading Orban holds state of the nation speech