Govt fights Soros lobby

The Hungarian government will on Monday officially ask The Jerusalem Post for a copy of audio recordings “justifying efforts by a Soros NGO lobbying the German government to put pressure on Hungary”, the foreign minister said on Sunday, making reference to the newspaper’s recent article. Continue reading “Govt fights Soros lobby”


Orban congratulates Merkel and Seehofer

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, has congratulated Angela Merkel on her re-election as Germany’s federal chancellor and Horst Seehofer on his appointment to interior minister, the prime minister’s press chief told MTI on Wednesday. Continue reading “Orban congratulates Merkel and Seehofer”

Karacsony meets German trade union leader

Gergely Karacsony, PM candidate of the opposition Socialist and Parbeszed parties, met German trade union federation leader Reiner Hoffmann for talks in Budapest on Saturday. Continue reading “Karacsony meets German trade union leader”


Joschka Fischer criticises Orban

Europe should care much more about its security and interests, former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer said at an event in Hamburg. Continue reading “Joschka Fischer criticises Orban”


“We must reject everything that jeopardises security”

We have to establish a new culture of dialogue in the European Union, so that the Western member states can understand better the Central Eastern European part and leave behind the practice of “moralising judgment”, the Minister of Human Capacities Zoltan Balog said at an event in Germany. Continue reading ““We must reject everything that jeopardises security””


Szijjarto: Roth is wrong

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Friday dismissed concerns raised by Michael Roth, Germany’s minister of state for European affairs, and said that “Europe’s freedom rights do not apply to illegal migrants, let alone terrorists”. Continue reading “Szijjarto: Roth is wrong”


Berlin’s standpoint on migration could change – Bakondi

“The composition of the new German government could change Berlin’s standpoint on migration”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on Kossuth Radio’s early morning “180 Minutes” program on Thursday. Continue reading “Berlin’s standpoint on migration could change – Bakondi”