Soros to be banned from Hungary?

The government is discussing a proposal tomorrow, which could even make it possible to bad George Soros from Hungary, Hungarian news site Origo reported, citing sources. Continue reading “Soros to be banned from Hungary?”


Fidesz to ban the nat sec committee’s green party member from its meetings

Bernadett Szel, co-leader of green opposition LMP and a member of parliament’s national security committee, should stay away from a planned meeting of the committee focusing on the “Soros Plan”, the Fidesz deputy head of the committee said on Monday, arguing that Szel and LMP served the interests of US financier George Soros. This can be against the rule of law, because as a member of the committee, Szel cannot be banned from its meetings. The LMP lawmaker wrote on her Facebook page that she can’t be banned from the committee, but if she is, they’ll use every possible legal opportunity.
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Soros has never been elected by anyone – govt spox

“Over the past year, Mr Soros and the Open Society Foundations he founded have become the target for an escalating — and at times orchestrated — campaign of vilification by opponents of the liberal agenda that he promotes”, the Financial Times writes, adding that “in Hungary, he was the subject of a state-funded, multimillion euro campaign of negative advertising”. Continue reading “Soros has never been elected by anyone – govt spox”