Orban’s anti-migrant myth seems to fall

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona on Tuesday accused the government of misleading the public over migration. According to Vona, the “deception of the century” has been unveiled, because while spending 22 billion forints on national consultations about migration and a referendum in three years, the resettlements have been happening constantly. Continue reading “Orban’s anti-migrant myth seems to fall”


Orban govt’s decision to welcome migrants causes internal political uproar

It caused an uproar in Hungarian internal politics, that despite its several months-long government communication, Hungary accepted 1300 refugees. Kristof Altusz, the Deputy State Secretary for European and American Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spoke about it a few days ago. Jobbik would call an extraordinary session of the parliament because according to the party Fidesz deceived the country and its voters too. Continue reading “Orban govt’s decision to welcome migrants causes internal political uproar”

Jobbik president to Die Presse: Orban is no democrat

Gabor Vona, chairman and prime ministerial candidate of Jobbik gave a lengthy interview to Austrian daily Die Presse. He mentioned the character assassination campaign against him: Fidesz was rumouring that he is homosexual, the Orban government was surveilling him and his family. Vona called himself the last bastion of democracy in Hungary. Continue reading “Jobbik president to Die Presse: Orban is no democrat”

“Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot”

Desperate and brutal election campaign is expected in Hungary. The biggest opposition party Jobbik accuses the government of influencing the State Audit Office’s investigation, what would fine the party 662 million forints, making it uncertain whether the party can run in the elections at all. Other opposition parties consider the investigation’s result as part of dismantling democracy, and suspect the government is behind it. Continue reading ““Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot””