Domotor: Hungary starts the new year strong

Hungary is in a position to go from strength to strength in 2018, a government official told a news conference on Sunday. Continue reading “Domotor: Hungary starts the new year strong”


Domotor denounces witch-hunt against Poland

The mandatory relocation quota will be on the agenda of the next Euroepean Council meeting, Csaba Domotor, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister told Magyar Hirlap. According to the Fidesz politician Hungarian ministries are already analysing how to protect the country from the “Soros plan” which includes relocation too. Continue reading “Domotor denounces witch-hunt against Poland”

Tajani is not “summoning” the Hungarian ambassador

The cabinet chief of the European Parliament’s President, Antonio Tajani will speak by phone with Hungary’s ambassador to the EU about the Hungarian government’s national consultation on the “Soros plan”, and Tajani himself will speak to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban next week, at the Social Summit in Gothenburg – an EP spokesperson told Hungarian news agency MTI on Wednesday evening.

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Brussels stepping up quota scheme

Based on statements made in the past few days, it appears that the court decision related to Hungary’s lawsuit challenging the European Commission on the legality of the scheme to relocate asylum seekers according to a mandatory quota system is the first step in a longer-term programme to step up migrant resettlements, a cabinet official said on Tuesday. Continue reading “Brussels stepping up quota scheme”