Orban: Time to drain the swamp in Brussels

“It is time to drain the swamp here in Brussels,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated on Thursday in a video message posted on his Facebook account.

Orban stressed that the fact that “the European Parliament’s left-wing vice-president has been arrested on corruption charges” had left its mark on the European Union’s Brussels summit.

The PM said everyone knew that Brussels was full of corruption cases, but “things have reached a level now” where the police had been forced to take action. The corruption scandal has shaken European institutions, there are ongoing property searches, millions of euros are being seized by the police, and everyone keeps guessing which further Brussels politicians could be involved, Orban indicated.He added that according to many, trails could lead to the highest levels.

The prime minister said on Thursday the President of the European Parliament had been heard, “we called upon her to ensure, we initiated a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the Brussels corruption scandal”.

Source and photo: Miniszterelnok.hu